At Hampton Gallery we believe the frame is as important as the painting itself. Whether you’re looking for the perfect frame for your new painting, or would like to revitalize an existing piece, Hampton Gallery will make sure you get the absolute best for whatever you require.

We have a wide selection of colours and styles to choose from, all in the highest quality materials.

While it is true that paintings last a life-time, the same can not be said for a frame. Frames can start to look dated and out of place as you upgrade the rooms in which they hang.This, unfortunately, will negatively impact the beauty of your treasured art. Come in and talk to us, we’ll have just the right frame to rejuvenate your paintings!

It’s not just about paintings, either. Bring in your child’s drawing from the fridge, that watercolour framed in 1973, that award of which you’re proud. We’ll happily guide you through every step of the way. Our expert framer, Terry, has seen and framed it all, guaranteeing a quality, highly professional job each and every time. And you won’t believe our prices!

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