About Holden Construction

Holden Construction is a known contractor for homes and buildings across Singapore. The Selangor-based specializes in the construction of bungalow houses and office renovation.

For construction projects, the company has built semi-detached homes, bungalows, industrial factory, and commercial buildings. In addition, they have also do renovation and interior design work for residences, offices, and other client buildings.

Clients can choose from two options if they want to hire Holden construction for a project. Negotiated contracts are one where the two parties sit down to talk about the details of their service. The company also participates in the bidding process if the contract requires their attendance.

Quality construction work is a big trademark of the company. It is seen through their workmanship, experience, and expertise in construction. This is why a ton of clients have vouched for them because of the kind of work they’ve received.

The versatility of the company’s service is also lauded by many looking for construction work. They can jump from one project to another without any delays because they have the personnel who possess the necessarily skills which allow them to do construction and interior design from anywhere.

Despite having a ton of projects, Holden will not compromise quality. All their work will maintain the quality service they’re known for. They do this through their expert construction team, a complete set of tools, and modern equipment which allows them to do their work quickly without sacrificing workmanship.

Clients also love working with them because they take in input from their clients. They ask them their vision for the home or building so that they can find a way to build what their client wants. Many also want quality work on a budget which Holden can do also because they want to meet their expectations.

Many of their meetings include clients in the office. This is where discussions happen concerning the construction. The needs of their client will be outlined so that their team can prepare a plan that will incorporate what their client wants.

The communication between company and client is important to Holden. They convey messages about construction cost breakdown, build quality, project schedule, and work progress to the owner of the house or building. This keeps the client from worrying up to the time the project gets completed.

Many of the big dirty work is done by the company. They have a reliable set of staff and workers who do the heavy lifting during project. Holden also has connections within the construction industry that helps them get experts to work on other aspects of the project like electrical jobs. All of this is crucial in delivering professional service.

Clients who are looking for a bungalow contractor in singapore should definitely ask for Holden construction. You can visit their website which contain a ton of information about the company, their address, and services offered. There is even a portfolio page to see the projects they’ve done which is a testament to the quality of their work.

Simple electrician services performed for businesses.

Businesses can never go without the use of electricity in every business operation from the manufacturing down to sales. Yes, in any industry unless you use any other means to produce energy but as long as you are working with office equipment, or any production machines, you will always need electrician services to make sure that you got smooth flowing business with no risk with the safety of you and your employees. The following are samples of the different simple electrician services that are being performed for the business.

For the startup businesses, services like new constructions will be needed. Setting up electrical lines for the whole establishment is the most basic thing for the electricians to do. Next could be the service upgrades in which they will do some little changes to the lines for more improvement with the operations. Some clients may also call unexpectedly for something to be rearranged to reconnect.

Maintenance services will also be included with the basic electrician services where it is given for the electrician to be there in the establishment to conduct a thorough examination of the electrical stuff. There will also be Installation and replacements of equipment such as the ballast lamps and the like, motor controls, alarms for fire and security, wirings for phones and or for data most especially if grounded or not working.

Internet lines or even with the computer lines may also be set up by the electricians. Positioning and repositioning of sockets is a must to be done by them to ensure the convenience and the safety of the people working. Machine damages as long as it is related to electricity lines will also be conducted by them.

Businesses are very much dependent on their electricians for whatever electricity works from small to major repairs and services must always be done by them. The location and the setting up of the main switch, light switches and the rest of the minor lightings are being done by the electricians for the business establishment to have sufficient lighting for every task that every person does.

Even those who are not connected with the electrical lines of the establishment/ As simple as grounds and slight strip with the wires of a certain equipment will also be rendered b your local electricians.

There are a lot more than what you expect an electrician could do, so it would always be better for you to at least have a loyal and trustworthy electrician that will have your back every time your business would need to have an emergency electrical related repair.

Look for a reputable contractor through agencies and referrals so you can never go wrong of whom you will trust your investments with. There are tips available online for you to know whom to call and whom to choose from the several contractors. Have your business success right from the very decision of choosing your official electrician to do the tasks for you.

Our History

Welcome. Here is some history about hamptongalleries.com. It is not changed to a blog focus on home ideas

Hampton Gallery, located in downtown Kamloops, is a boutique gallery with a wide selection of original art. We offer in-store and on-line sales and service to help you find just the right piece. We cater to individual, corporate, national and international collectors, but browsers are always welcome

Diane Stuhlmann

Gallery Owner. Diane brings an uncommon passion and
commitment to the world of art. Whether you’re browsing,
in search of a special piece for a specific room or looking
for a unique gift, Diane will help you in a no-pressure welcoming
environment. Hampton Gallery is full of timeless paintings, pottery,
and sculpture that you will love for a lifetime. Not only will you
walk away with a new treasure–you’ll have made a friend!

Peter Stuhlmann

Gallery Co-owner. Peter has had a fascination with the making
of art since childhood and has, in the last five years, become a
full-time painter. His contribution to Hampton is largely in keeping
a keen eye out for new talent and all things computer-related.


Paul Jaras

Gallery Assistant. Paul brings with him a love of art
and a remarkable sense of design. His unique touch has made a world of
difference to Hampton, from hanging the gallery to arranging show windows
and all things in-between. His floral centerpieces for shows, art in their
own right, are not to be missed!


Trixie-Belle Stuhlmann

General spiritual adviser, mascot, and all-around friend
to the gallery owners. She has a nose for art!




At Hampton Gallery we believe the frame is as important as the painting itself. Whether you’re looking for the perfect frame for your new painting, or would like to revitalize an existing piece, Hampton Gallery will make sure you get the absolute best for whatever you require.

We have a wide selection of colours and styles to choose from, all in the highest quality materials.

While it is true that paintings last a life-time, the same can not be said for a frame. Frames can start to look dated and out of place as you upgrade the rooms in which they hang.This, unfortunately, will negatively impact the beauty of your treasured art. Come in and talk to us, we’ll have just the right frame to rejuvenate your paintings!

It’s not just about paintings, either. Bring in your child’s drawing from the fridge, that watercolour framed in 1973, that award of which you’re proud. We’ll happily guide you through every step of the way. Our expert framer, Terry, has seen and framed it all, guaranteeing a quality, highly professional job each and every time. And you won’t believe our prices!